So I think I might build a chatbot to replace this website

When I was interviewing at a digital agency in Shoreditch, I was tasked with something I had never done before which was to build a branded concept for a chatbot. It was for a Senior Art Director role and since it was my first chatbot concept I got a bit carried away. The concept was so good their only feedback was that I developed the idea too much. Check out the concept here.

I did a lot of research and reading up on what the best chatbots are and why they exist and why they make sense and why they might be the next website. It all boils down to the fact that websites take too long to load, too load to decipher and too long to navigate. Whereas the chatbot is like the old concept of the shopkeeper, you go in and you ask them what you are looking for.

So I kind of always had this idea that the next website 3.0 is just going to be a chatbot. What will it do you ask? It will tell you all about me and show you what I do. That’s what my portfolio website is supposed to do now, that’s it’s purpose. But you have to dig around to learn about me, instead of just having a conversation… about me? It’s a bit weird but I love the idea of it.

(The chatbot could sift through these blog posts and see if I have an opinion on the topic you’re asking. What does she think about Alexa? Oh here’s a blog she wrote on it “quote: I bet people will have personalised Alexas in the future and we will look back on this time when there was only one ☝️ Alexa. (And Siri).

I want people to go to and find a big wide open space and a chatbot in the middle. Just floating text. And the chatbot would say hello? And you would say hi! and then the conversation would begin. Who is Radina? Well let me show you…

According to the Adobe Personality Quiz, I’m a dreamer.

Makes sense. I have good ideas.


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