How do we stand out from the other pitch documents sent to Wimbledon?

Presentation Design  •  RFP Proposal  •  CSM  •  Wimbledon  •  2017

BRIEF:  Create a unique RFP proposal package that will help leave a lasting impression and show Wimbledon that we are the right hospitality partner for them.

IDEA: We wanted the physical pitch response document and box to be unique, to represent tennis and most importantly be Wimbledon. There were a lot of ideas and a lot of material research. I discovered that the tennis balls used every year in Wimbledon are produced by a fabric factory in the UK. So we spoke to them to get the original tennis ‘felt’ fabric and added it to the finished box. The result was a stunning bespoke box with carefully chosen tennis textures, featuring a vintage one-of-a-kind wooden box we sourced from Etsy, lined with the genuine tennis felt and hand-quilted ‘tennis-white’ real leather-padded covers (to represent the all-white attire and a nod to the white tennis shoes) for the presentation books inside.


Getting that white leather stitched right without it puckering.


Working out of the Hampton Wick office with the experiential team there for a week.


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