How do we pull on the heartstrings of the client and convince them to renew their contract?

Video  •  Panasonic Jaguar Racing  •  Formula E  •  2018 

BRIEF: Create a emotive video for Jaguar Racing to present to Panasonic during a meeting to present and discuss a renewal of their contract. The video should be a summary but also a nod to what is in store in the coming year and future of the sport and the team.

IDEA: An epic movie trailer style video about the team and how far they’ve come, and how much more they have to go. Complete with a Hans Zimmer score. Leaving them with a feeling of FOMO.


EXPLAINED: Considering the fact that the client has roots in Japan and most of the people in the meeting from Panasonic are Japanese themselves, I decided to dig a little deeper into traditional and modern Japanese storytelling culture and see what kind of stories speak to them the most. I found that epic blockbuster movies like Godzilla and The Martian were some of the most awarded Japanese movies and they reflect the Japanese traditional storytelling of a special hero character(s) who go on a quest to find greatness and success. So I thought this video should be like an epic story, a tale of 2 drivers; a tale of two team partners. I even went into finding the perfect haiku to represent and introduce the story. 


Watching hours of footage to find the right shots to tell the story of the team and hero characters in nothing but race highlights from the seasons.


Explaining my epic movie concept to the planners working on the project in a meeting room with the lights dimmed and Hans Zimmer blasting from the TV while I narrated the story.


MY WORK : Concept / Presentation (to client) / Footage Review / Copywriting / Storyboarding / Video Design / Directing Editor



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