I bet the name ‘Alexa’ will get old soon

I had a random thought the other day, as I was working on a new pitch for Bose, about how probably one day soon people will start personalising Alexa and give her a new name. I can just picture looking back on this time when everyone had an Alexa in their homes and think how silly it was that we all had the same voice assistant at home. Thousands of Alexas all over the world. A mass produced voice personal assistant. One day they will all have their own names. “Billy, can you order me some more prosecco please I am running really low.” “You got it”   Speaking about mass production, check out these hypnotising looping GIFs by awesome 3D animation artist arbenl1berateme on instagram. It looks like he was inspired by mass production lines, how he makes them look beautiful is the magic behind his work I think! Not to mention excellent skills in bringing this to life.


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