“Best” is not the best anymore

When was the last time you looked at your default email signature? I recently noticed that I too have been using a lazy email signature for many years, the generic “Kind Regards“. I feel like personal or unique now trumps professional, at least in creative industry. After a quick browse on the web, I found a list of most used signatures and sign offs and a list of most effective sign offs to receive a response. I found out that “Thanks in advance” was most effective, followed by “Thanks”. I also found out “Best” just ain’t cutting it anymore so if you’re using that, you need to change it right now.I am yet to find the perfect sign off but atleast I updated my gif. And i decided to remove all default sign offs and and leave just my new moon logo glitchy gif and my website and phone number. From now on those two words at the end will be contextual and personal; instead of plain boring professional.

Happy Sunday,



+44 7926714424


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